FICAN treatment recommendations

The uniform treatment guidelines substantiate homogeneous, high-grade cancer in the entire area of operation of the FICAN East, as in Finland as a whole.

  • The Regulation on Centralisation (582/2017, section 4) defines the tasks of cancer centres as the planning and harmonisation of cancer prevention as well as that of diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation in national co-operation, in addition to attending to the research basis of their activities.
  • In addition, according to the proposed measures described in the cancer strategy of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, there should be national treatment recommendations for each type of cancer, on the basis of which the hospital districts plan practical arrangements for treatment, including treatment chains.
  • FICAN’s treatment recommendations realize these missions and aim to ensure the equal, up-to-date, and effective treatment of cancer patients all over Finland, regardless of their place of residence or treatment.
  • The target audience for the treatment recommendations are first and foremost the healthcare professionals involved in cancer treatment. In the future the treatment recommendations will be available on the FICAN website and on Terveysportti.