FICAN National Cancer Centre

The Regional Cancer Centres and National Co-ordinating Unit together form the National Cancer Center (FICAN), which aims to improve and harmonise cancer treatment nationwide and ensure equal access to quality care for all patients


FICAN East consists of the North Savo Hospital District (PSSHP), the Central Finland Hospital District (KSSHP), the Joint Municipal Authority for North Karelia Social and Health Services (Siun Sote), Joint Municipal Authority for South Karelia Social and Health Services (Essote), Joint Municipal Authority for East Savo Social and Health Services (Sosteri), and the University of Eastern Finland (UEF).

Our goals are to

  • Harmonise and develop a high standard of cancer treatment for implementation in the region.
  • Bring cancer treatment professionals together and support their training.
  • Reinforce and integrate cancer research in the region.
  • Bring progressive treatment of cancer closer to patients.