Rehabilitation and support for well-being

Contracting cancer always strongly impacts the life of patients as well as their family members. It takes time and resources to deal with cancer, recover from it, and adapt to the changes in life caused by the disease. It is important for each individual personally dealing with cancer as well as their family members to remember to take care of their own well-being.

Cancer and well-being

Cancer frequently affects well-being on both the mental and physical level. For this reason, it is essential to sufficiently look after rest, physical exercise, diet and mental well-being at all stages of the disease. Well looked-after body and mind promote recovery from therapies as well as coping holistically with illness. 

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Peer support and organisations

The need for knowledge and support is great when you or a family member fall ill. It is important to remember that you are not alone. Numerous patient support associations and organisations are there to support you along with volunteers working together with personnel.

In the area of the Eastern Cancer Center (FICAN East), there are four member associations of the Finnish Cancer Society, whose purpose is to counsel patients with cancer and their relatives at various stages of the disease as well as organise peer support, rehabilitation and adaptation training courses, in addition to volunteering and recreation. The regional associations have local departments and clubs that are responsible for community activities.


For loved ones

Falling ill with cancer often deeply affects the loved ones of the patient as well. The loved ones are in a central role in the cancer patient’s everyday life. They also live with the disease and the patient and are forced to address their position toward these.

It is important for loved ones to pay attention to and take care of their own strength and wellbeing as well. It is important to take into account and be sensitive to one’s own energy reserves and potential need for help and support. It is good to speak openly about the matter with the treatment staff, or by contacting one’s occupational health services or local health center.

Cancer organizations and regional associations also offer comprehensive support to the loved ones of patients. Read more here:

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For the family

Falling ill with cancer often changes everyday life for the whole family, as the roles and routines of everyday life shift at least for the time being. The effects of the diagnosis on a family depend, among other things, on who in the family falls ill, how big the family is, and how old the children in the family are. It is always good to talk about how the family is coping and any potential concerns with the treatment staff. 

Regional cancer associations and national patient organizations offer a wide range of support also to the loved ones and family. You can familiarize yourself with the cancer association services and activities in the region by looking at the association’s webpages.