Becoming a research patient 

Within the area of FICAN East, we carry out high-quality cancer research whose purpose is to take the treatment of cancer forward into the future. Participation in research studies is important from the perspective of the development of cancer care. The goal of cancer research is to develop more effective and more individual modes of related treatment. If you are considering your possibilities of taking part in a study, please discuss the matter with your doctor. You can get additional information from the attending physician and study nurses.   

Open clinical cancer trials


  • The investigator will tell you about the research study before you make a final decision regarding your participation. 
  • The investigator provides an informed consent document. 
  • Read the document carefully so you understand what kind of study you intend to take part in. 
  • The investigator will give you more information and answer your questions. 


  • Participation in a research study is always voluntary. 
  • It is possible to interrupt the study any time, and you are not required to justify your decision separately.   
  • Your suitability will be assessed before joining the study. 
  • You will receive additional details regarding the research protocols from the investigator or study nurse.



  • All clinical research carried out at the FICAN East has passed the screening of the Ethics Committee.  
  • Every study has received a favourable opinion and Fimea’s approval.  
  • All research patients are covered by patient and drug insurance.