Cancer research in the region

Within the region of FICAN East, many basic studies targetting various types of cancer are carried out, as well as translational and clinical research.

Operating as part of the FICAN East

  • KUH Cancer Centre is a network organization that collects, in one location, regional cancer treatment, research and training. This includes all units where cancer is treated or studied at KUH and the University of Eastern Finland (UEF)
  • The NovaCan Cancer Treatment Centre functions at Hospital Nova in the Wellbeing Services County of Central Finland.

Research activity brings interests together

  • The multidisciplinary cancer research (CANCER) community is based on translational cancer research carried out by the University of Eastern Finland and the KUH Cancer Centre. The research community includes both basic and clinical researchers performing patient work.
  • The Cancer Diagnostics and Research Development Group of the Central Finland Wellbeing Services County (HYVAKS) is a functional consortium of pathology, surgery and oncology units which studies a wide range of malignancies and develops related diagnostics.

Key figures in cancer research in 2021

  • researchers: approx. 150
  • scientific publications in international journals: approx. 180
  • ongoing recruiting or active clinical trials: approx. 40 in Kuopio, Jyväskylä and Mikkeli. Information about these studies is available in the Open Clinical Cancer Trials