27.4.2022 | Koulutukset

The 1st Fican seminar Thu 12.5. at 15.00 - 16.00

Regional cancer centers jointly start new national seminar series, the FICAN seminars.

The first speaker will be the FICAN research professor Matti Nykter FICAN Research Professor Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology, Tampere University

Title:Epigenetic and transcriptomic drivers of treatment resistance in prostate cancer

Abstract: Prostate cancer is a major global health burden with highly heterogeneous paths for disease progression. Role of AR as a main genomic determinant of treatment resistance is well established. Yet, heterogeneous mechanisms that contribute to disease progressions and treatment resistance are not well understood, hindering clinical management of the disease. In my talk, I will focus on our recent work on epigenetic and transcriptomic mechanisms to address these challenges.

More information: Computational Biology | We are part of Academy of Finland Center of Excellence in Tumor Genetics | Tampere Universities (tuni.fi)

The seminar is organized by FICAN Mid (Sisä-Suomen syöpäkeskus in Finnish) and it will be held remotely. The Teams link to join seminar