17.5.2022 | Koulutukset

RC Cancer Seminar on Thursday June 9th at 10.00 - 11.00

Professor Masayuki Yamamoto: The KEAP1-NRF2 System in Biology and Medicine

NRF2 is a transcription factor that coordinates the induction of genes important for the protection against oxidative and electrophilic stress.  KEAP1 is the central molecule sensing stress and it also functions as a subunit of ubiquitin-E3 ligase complex degrading NRF2.  Genetic as well as pharmacological induction of NRF2 protects tissues from oxidative and electrophilic injury. Research on the role of KEAP1-NRF2 system is expanding, and it has been shown to have a significant role in the regulation of many biological processes such as inflammation, metabolism, ageing and carcinogenesis. In this presentation, historical overview of the KEAP1-NRF2 system is given and recent progress on its in biology and medicine will be discussed.

An honorary doctorate in medicine will be conferred upon Professor Masayuki Yamamoto, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan. His research group has made several discoveries in gene transcription, profoundly shaping our understanding of the field. The group has identified a key mechanism by which cells sense chemical and oxidative stresses in their environment. Professor Yamamoto is also Director and co-founder of Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization, which was founded in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake to promote health monitoring, reconstruction and business activities in the Tohoku region.

Welcome to join this seminar at Canthia auditorium 101 or via Teams.

Teams-link can be asked from research coordinator Maarit Sillanpää (maarit.sillanpaa (a) uef.fi