10.11.2021 | Koulutukset

Cancer RC Seminar 29th November at 15-16

Welcome to the Cancer RC seminar November 29th at 15.00–16.00. 
Lecture room CA304 from Canthia has been reserved for this seminar and you can attend and listen seminar in Canthia or participate via Teams. 

After presentations there will be time for discussion with coffee/tea and some small snacks.

Speakers in this seminar

Sanna Pasonen-Seppänen: Molecular mechanisms of tumor stroma interaction
Kirsi Kainulainen: The versatile effects of M1 macrophages on melanoma cells
Satu Salmi: The association of CD8+ cytotoxic T cells with immunosuppressive factors in cutaneous melanoma
Piia Takabe: Melanoma cell derived EVs - immunomodulators of the tumor microenvironment

Teams link can be asked from research coordinator Maarit Sillanpää (maarit.sillanpaa@uef.fi)