27.9.2021 | Uutiset

Cancer RC seminar 4.10. at 15-16


Welcome to the Cancer RC seminar on next Monday, October 4th at 15.00–16.00. 
Lecture room CA304 from Canthia has been reserved for this seminar and you can attend and listen seminar in Canthia or participate with Teams (link below). 
After presentations there will be time for discussion with coffee/tea and some small snacks.

Speakers in this seminar:

Kirsi Rilla: Extracellular vesicles as next-generation tools of therapy
Heikki Kyykallio: A novel NFC-based cancer cell culture model for EV research
Sanjeev Ranjan: Focused ultrasound-assisted Nanoplexes for siRNA delivery to cancer cells

Join the seminar here.