Cancer RC seminar 7.12.2020 klo 15-16

Welcome to the next Cancer RC seminar on Monday, Dec 7 15.00-16.00, when Redox Signaling Group lead by Anna-Liisa Levonen from AIVI will introduce the cancer related projects within the group.

The following projects will be covered:

Tommi Patinen: Dissecting the protein interactome of wild type and lung cancer associated gain-of-function mutants of NRF2
Ashik Jawahar Deen: Role of Keap1 mutations in non-small cell lung cancer
Simone Adinolfi: Nrf2 in metabolic reprogramming in lung cancer
Jouni Härkönen: Nrf2 and the cancer immune milieu
The presentations will be in English.

Seminaari järjestetään Teams-yhteydellä. Ilmoittautuminen osoitteeseen outi.nikunen@kuh.fi Linkki seminaariin jaetaan ilmoittautuneille.